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Basmati Rice

Our Basmati Rice has consistently been a topic of extreme pride for our nation. Developed in the bottoms of the Himalayas, our rice commands a cooking dominance over the world. It is available in numerous varieties, differing in their cost, quality, and texture. Our most and best authentic Rice is the ideal mixture of spellbinding aroma, form, and taste; directly from the majestic Himalayas' laps. The process for our Basmati Rice begins with obtaining paddy from selected farmers or vendors, who adhere the accurate procedure to develop our kind of Rice that we boast of. Afterward, the milling plants take away all contaminants via a stringent process of polishing, sizing, de-husking, impurity separation, and cleaning.

Key Features:
  • Specially grown on Himalayas' bottom
  • Has great texture and quality
  • Possess spellbinding taste, aroma and form
  • Effectively cleaned and polished for non-sticky texture