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Brown Rice

Our Brown Rice is regarded as a whole grain staple in the market because it comprises every part of the grain such as endosperm and bran. The endosperm is enriched with carbohydrates while the bran is loaded with fiber. Numerous studies demonstrate that our rice can minimize cholesterol while reducing the danger of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stoke. These features of our rice makes it a sound and better option for healthy living. In addition, the provided Brown Rice is suggested to various individuals because it has additional nutrients. This rice has elevated calorie level yet also has extra fiber and protein, which lowers cholesterol, nourishes gut bacteria, regulates blood sugar level, and aids the customers to feel full in a speedy manner.

Key Features:
  • Best whole grain ingredient for making healthy cuisines
  • Has both bran and endosperm
  • Loaded with fibers and carbohydrates
  • Significantly reduces cholesterol level