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Corn / Maize

Our Corn is additionally acknowledged as maize, which is among the most acclaimed cereal grain in our nation. This commodity is basically a seed that comes from scientific grass family, which is local to Central America, yet grown in various grades throughout the world. Our product is mainly utilized as sweet corn and popcorn that are generally eaten by the customers. However, refined corn grades are also broadly consumed, most commonly as contents in foods that include corn oil, corn syrup, corn flour, cornmeal, polenta, tortilla chips and tortillas. In addition, the provided Corn is as beneficial as any grain because it is also loaded with numerous antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fibers. Our product is normally yellow in color yet is available in different colors, for example, black, white, orange, purple and red.

Key Features:
  • Used in tortillas and for making corn oil
  • Enriched with minerals and fibers
  • Common texture and color is yellow
  • Can be provided in whole and dried form