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Non Basmati Rice

There is a procedure called milling through which the germ and bran from brown rice is expelled to make our Non-Basmati Rice. This rice variant is categorized as refined grain by the renowned food authorities. Our rice is loaded with folic acid or folate content that is highly suggested for expecting women and women, who are still breastfeeding. This acid additionally helps the customers' body to make DNA and different genetic substances while effectively supporting cell division. Our Non-Basmati Rice normally comprise more iron and calcium content because of artificial fortification process. This rice is an impertinent source of energy because it contains extra nutrients as well as offers mesmerizing health benefits. Moreover, a half-cup portion of our rice is the average serving of prepared rice for an individual.

Key Features:
  • Does not contain bran and endosperm
  • Refined grain for daily cuisines
  • Best for pregnant women
  • Produces DNA and genetic elements in the body