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Basmati Rice
Our Basmati Rice will elongate to more than 7 cm when it is correctly prepared. It will also not stick together because it comprises less sticky as well as fat content. This rice is available in different packaging options to meet customers' budget and requirement.
Brown Rice
Our Brown Rice is the extended version of basmati rice. This rice has ample benefits over any available rice variant. It will help the customers to control blood pressure and keep up sound heart. This rice takes quiet long time to cook as compared to white rice.
Non Basmati Rice
This Non-Basmati Rice is the most purchase rice variant. It provides essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins to the customers in their regular diet. This rice variant will not elongate like basmati rice. It is economical for most of the customers, therefore, it is provided in 5kg, 25kg or custom packaging options.
Corn / Maize
Who does not like popcorn! When it can be made at home the who also would not like to purchase our Corn? This range will provide numerous health benefits alongside enjoying numerous snacks without compromising on the diet plan.
Fresh Vegetables
Every doctor recommends to eat Fresh Vegetables as to ensure sound health and weight to carry out various daily activities. Moreover, these vegetables are mainly grown on fertile fields to retain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral, and other essential elements' content.
Raw Spices
Our Raw Spices have benefit of being included to varied dishes, flavors, spices and other food items as their natural as well as processed form. These spices are either available as a whole or in a grounded form to the customers.